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Under Eye Fillers

Under eye bags are one of the most common signs of aging. Under eye dark circles give you a tiered looks. The problem is that they tend to get worse over time. But, there are some ways to reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles medically. Fillers are a potential solution for dark circles, as they can help get rid of dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes. The cost of under-eye filler depends on brand of filler being used. It can vary based on how much you need.

How dermal fillers improve dark circles?

Though fillers aren’t a permanent fix – you get immediate beautiful results lasting for 12 months to 36 months depending on the brand of filler and facial movements of expression. The benefits of under-eye filler is that it restores volume under the eyes immediately, reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, corrects the darkness under your eyes and helps balance the face. It also makes you look younger. There are various dermal fillers available for undereye dark circle area ranging from Juvederm to Restylene and many more. The cost may vary according to filler injection brand being used. 

Dermal Fillers & Botox for Undereye Dark Circles & Crow feet

Dermal Fillers treatment of dark circles immediately fills the hollowness under eye. We use Juvederm Fillers to give long lasting results of under eye fillers. Juvederm contains hyaluronate which is a natural content of our body. As fillers used at Vibra Clinics are similar to our hyaluronate found in our body, there is no adverse reaction / allergy to this type of dermal filler. 

How safe Under Eye Fillers are?

Though there are well known vascular and other complications from dermal fillers, but the good news is, Vibra Clinics is blessed with most efficient filler injector specialist doctor, having experience of injecting hundreds of Juvederm and other filler syringes - our founder and director Dr Upavan Pandya. He has not just treated hundreds of patients successfully with the dermal fillers, but also has trained many doctors with his advanced dermal fillers injection skills and techniques. 

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