Why you should never fall for low cost Laser Hair Reduction?

Updated: Feb 14

There are 3 different Laser technology options available in world, to treat unwanted hairs –

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) : 680 – 780 nm

  • Diode Laser : 808 nm or 810 nm

  • Triple Wavelength Laser : 755nm, 8018 nm & 1064 nm

#Option1 IPL Laser Hair Reduction Machine

This machine is actually not a laser but is a kind of light. The light rays from this IPL does not go deep enough to damage thick hairs. Light and thin hairs may be treated well with this machine, but when it comes to dark and thick hairs, IPL is not the one which should be opted for. As this technology is cheapest among all, the cost of treatment is also low with IPL Laser Hair Reduction Treatment.

#Option2 Diode Laser Hair Reduction

This technology is based on actual laser wavelength and has either 808 nm or 810 nm wavelength. Diode laser is good in treating hairs with medium thickness and medium level depth in skin (Around 70-80% of dark and thick hairs comes in this category). So Diode laser hair reduction is 70 – 80% effective for dark and thick hairs and no effect on thin hairs. This technology is better and costlier then IPL and thus cost of treatment would be higher then IPL Laser Hair Reduction.