The Ultimate Guide On Skin Care: How To Have Glowing And A Youthful Skin.

Skin care is not a one size fits all, despite what the lotion commercials may tell you. Each person's skin needs are different based on some combination of factors, including genetics, diet and lifestyle choices. A topical treatment that works for your friend may not work for you. To keep your skin glowing and youthful, you must know the basic science behind skin care. And here we are writing those rules and tips for healthy glowing skins.

#Tip1 Hydration

Skin hydration is most basic as well as most essential part of skin care routine. Skin hydration is not just applying moisturizer superficially but its skin deep. So drinking plenty of water, juices etc. is equally important.

#Tip2 Protection from sunlight

Applying sunscreen on your skin is second most essential part of skin care routine. Sunscreen applied once is effective just for about 3 hours. So you need to repeat sunscreen every 3 hours to get effective results. Also sunscreen need to be applied even if you are indoor. If you are working on computer / mobile phone for long hours, you need to apply sunscreen to be protected from blue light emitted from these screens.

#Tip3 Weekly clean-ups

Our skin accumulate dead skin and debris in its outer most layer, over the period of time. Cleaning up your skin on weekly basis will remove this dirt or exfoliated cells. This will lead to uniform skin with less eruptions or acne on skin.

Skin Care Routine - Skin Cleansing & Skin Clean up