How to Stop Hair Fall And Make Hair Stronger: A Step-By-Step Guide

Updated: Feb 14

Hair loss affects both men and women in the world. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, male or female. It is a multifactorial problem which can be treated if diagnosed early. Hair fall can also be prevented by adopting some lifestyle changes and following proper hair care tips. It is important to note that hair loss may be a symptom of an underlying health problem, not merely an aesthetic concern. Hence, it is vital to consult a doctor before taking any remedial measures to curb hair fall.

Hair fall is generally caused due to some hormonal imbalances. It may be due to excessive stress or any kind of chronic illness. On the other hand, the other causes for hair fall can be attributed to poor diet, improper scalp care and even heredity issues.

It is difficult to tackle all the reasons for hair fall, without knowing actual cause behind hair fall. Here are the ultimate steps you may follow to understand your hair fall and its treatments -

1. Know the reason of Hair Fall

First of all know the reason behind your hair loss. Same reason of hair loss may affect both men and women differently. As in hereditary / genetic hair loss which is called as Androgenic Alopecia does. In Androgenic Alopecia male experience receding hair line while female complains of widening of parting of hairs. To understand the actual reason of hair loss you should consult skin and hair expert doctor.

2. See if there is any possibility to prevent further hair loss

We can prevent further damage in certain types of hair loss. In case of hair loss due to nutrional deficiencies, improving your food habits may prevent further hair loss.