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PRP Therapy for Hair Loss in Udaipur

M-Gro Therapy


M-Gro Therapy is a unique hair growth therapy invented after years of research and experience. proven treatment modality for hair loss or hair fall for years. This unique therapy is not only effective against genetic hair loss but in other types of hair fall as well. At Vibra Clinics, we are continuously working to provide you best hair growth solution in Udaipur, while following international standards and techniques.

Many of you might have heard about PRP therapy. PRP therapy is excellent choice for treating the hair fall. The full form of PRP is platelet rich plasma. But many times PRP therapy is not that effective and we need a better treatment modality, which is even more effective then PRP therapy.


Dr Upavan Pandya who is the well-known cosmetic skin and hair expert thus invented new and more efficient way to treat falling and thinning hairs. He named this therapy as ️M-GRO Hair Therapy. In fact Dr Upavan Pandya has invented different variants of this M-GRO therapy that works even for skin glow and skin lightening. ️M-GRO therapy for hairs contains multiple growth factors as well as peptides, micronutrients, herbal extracts, vitamins ingredients etc. which are important in hair growth.


This solution is injected in the scalp near the hair follicles to potentiate the hair growth and strengthening the falling hairs so as to improve the hair density and your looks. At present M-GRO therapy is available only at Vibra Clinics in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. MGRO therapy is a very unique hair fall treatment therapy which provide all the required nutrition as well as growth factors necessary for optimum hair growth.


It has been observed that effects of ️M-GRO therapy are better and last longer than the ordinary PRP therapy. M-GRO is a very safe therapy and you can go to your work or office immediately after this therapy. M-GRO therapy is suggested every month once for initially 3 to 5 months and then once every 3 months.


Precautions & Care after MGRO Therapy –

  • Don’t apply water on the scalp for next 24 hours after M-GRO therapy.

  • Don’t use shampoo for next 48 hours after M-GRO therapy.

  • If you feel pain you can have an analgesic tablet eg. Tab Dolojust or Tab Dolo 625 mg.

Apart from MGro Therapy, other Hair Growth Therapies offered at Vibra Clinics, Udaipur are : 

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