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Best Doctor for Hair Fall Treatment in Udaipur

Hair Loss

Most of us experience some sort of hair fall at least once in our lifetime. Here are some important facts about hair loss and its management. To book your appointment either call us on +91 9166046591 or Submit Enquiry below :

How we loose Hairs?

Hair growth as well as hair loss is controlled at root level or follicle level. So if hair follicle is healthy, the hair strand will also be thick and strong. Thus all effective treatment modalities works at root or follicle level and not just on hair strands. So for the same reason, many oils & shampoos claiming hair fall control may not be effective actually.


Normal Hair Fall

Our Hairs Follicles undergo through various stages in its life cycle - Hair Growth Cycle. Due to this cycle few hairs are lost everyday from our scalp and body and this is considered as normal. Small numbers of hair fall from scalp (50 - 100 hairs) in a day is normal in a person with normal hair density on scalp.

How much Hair Fall in a day is normal?

Hair Loss Therapies in Udaipur

Vibra Clinics, Udaipur offers following therapies to control hair loss or hair fall. These therapies are safe and effectively increase hair growth and ultimately improve hair density. 

  1. PRP Therapy

  2. M-Gro Therapy

  3. GFC Therapy

  • What causes Hair Loss in men and women?
    Here are common causes of hair fall or hair loss in males and females : 1. Genetic Reasons (Heriditory) - Most Common 2. Hormonal Reasons 3. Defficinecy or lack of important nutrients in body due to poor diet 4. Long Term Illness like Covid, Maleria, Typhoid, Hospitalisation etc. 5. Thyroid Defficeincy 6. Stress 7. Side effects of few medicines
  • How can I stop my Hair Loss?
    Many of us want to know, how to prevent hair loss? If hair loss is due to some nutritional defficiency, than improving your food habits may help control hair loss. Balanced diet (including fruits, green vagetables, dry fruits, protein etc.) is needed for good hair growth. 1. Just avoid hairstyles that imply pull or traction on the hair. 2. Avoid hair blower with high-heat settings. 3. To avoid hair brackage from tangling - use a soft brush Apart from food & nutrition there are many other reasons of hair fall and need to be treated accordingly. You may consult with our doctor in clinic or online to know more about your hair loss and treatment. To book appointment for online / in clinic consultation either submit your enquiry here or call 9166046591
  • How do I know if my hair loss is serious?
    You may consider your loss serious if : 1. You are having more than 50 - 100 hair loss in a day 2. Hair loss patches are visible on scalp. 3. Hair line is receding. 4. Obvious Hair thining is visible. You may consult with our doctor in clinic or online to know more about your hair loss and treatment. To book appointment for online / in clinic consultation either submit your enquiry here or call 9166046591
  • What is the cause of hair loss in females?
    Apart from common causes of hair loss like genetics, nutritional defficiency etc, there are few reasons of hair fall that more commonly / exclusively affact females. 1. Pregnancy 2. Thyroid disorders (Hypothyroidism more common in Females) 3. Anemia. 4. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Can I grow back my lost or fallen hairs?
    It depends on root cause of hair fall. If hair loss is due to nutritional defficiency, treating such defficiency may grow back your hairs. But if hair fall is due to genetic reasons (Androgenic Alopecia) and hair roots have been damaged than hair can not be grown back. To grow back hairs, hair follicle (or hair roots) need to be intact.
  • What are treatment options for my hair loss?
    Depending on the reason behind your hair fall, doctor may treat your hair loss with folloing methods in a multimodel approach. 1. Medications - Depending on hair fall reason, doctor may advice specific medications (either oral or local application / topical) like nutritional supplements, Minoxidil solution, Finesteride tablets, Hair Serums etc. 2. PRP Therapy - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is very effective treatment modality for genetic hair loss and few other hair fall conditions. 3. MGro® Therapy - MGro therapy is a uniquely designed therapy for hair fall in case of Genetic / Androgenic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium etc. In this perticular therapy few important hair growth boosters are added in PRP therapy procedure. Thus you get benefits from PRP therapy as well as from added hair boosting solutions in single therapy. 4. Microneedling - You can use dermaroller once in a week or twice in a month to boost hair growth at certain levels. 5. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - You can use few special combs or caps having low level laser therapy lights in it. Effectivity of LLLT is not upto the mark, so do not expect much results from this hair loss treatment modality.
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