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Hair Loss

Most of us experience some sort of hair fall at least once in our lifetime. Here are some important facts about hair loss and its management. To book your appointment either call us on +91 9166046591 or Submit Enquiry below :

How we loose Hairs?

Hair growth as well as hair loss is controlled at root level or follicle level. So if hair follicle is healthy, the hair strand will also be thick and strong. Thus all effective treatment modalities works at root or follicle level and not just on hair strands. So for the same reason, many oils & shampoos claiming hair fall control may not be effective actually.


Normal Hair Fall

Our Hairs Follicles undergo through various stages in its life cycle - Hair Growth Cycle. Due to this cycle few hairs are lost everyday from our scalp and body and this is considered as normal. Small numbers of hair fall from scalp (50 - 100 hairs) in a day is normal in a person with normal hair density on scalp.

Hair Fall Treatment in Udaipur_edited.jpg

Hair Loss Therapies in Udaipur

Vibra Clinics, Udaipur offers following therapies to control hair loss or hair fall. These therapies are safe and effectively increase hair growth and ultimately improve hair density. 

  1. PRP Therapy

  2. M-Gro Therapy

  3. GFC Therapy