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Dull Skin - Cosmetic Treatments

Dull Skin

Skin dullness is a very common cosmetic concern these days. When skin is non-moisturized or dried, has fine lines or pigmented spots, it looks dull. Skin dullness can be treated medically very well. 

How does our skin get moisturized?

Skin moisturization is considered as first anti-ageing skin care. Skin has intrinsic water binding capacity due to natural moisturizing factors of skin cells or corneocytes, skin lipids and hyaluronic acid. Apart from these intrinsic mechanism, oily secretion from skin glands form a protective layer to reduce water loss from skin. Applying moisturizing lotions or creams etc further help in dull and dry skin. It is important to understand while dealing with dull skin is that it is not possible to treat skin dullness in a single treatment sessions to provide you clear, radiant skin. We have to attack all of the causes that are making your complexion dull and lifeless in step wise manner. If you're looking for a little bit of help getting started, below is a list of treatment options available at Vibra Clinics, Udaipur to treat dullness in your skin.


#1 Medical Facials

We have advanced and unique way to treat your skin for dullness. In medical facials we use customized solutions to improve your skin radiance. Medical facial for skin dullness  include many steps including skin polishing, skin clean up, chemical peels etc. Read more about Medical Facial here.

Skin Care with Medical Facial & Chemical peels
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