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Dull Ageing Skin

It’s no secret that skin is one of the most important parts of our bodies. It keeps us warm, helps us fight infection, and gives us a sense of self-esteem. It also reflects our age, health, and beauty. Unfortunately, skin also tends to get dull and flaky over time. Your skin starts showing signs of aging as early as your twenties, but the damage continues to accumulate over time. There are various factors playing role behind dull aging skin, including genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle, and environmental factors.


While few medications and over the counter skin care products may help you to improve skin dullness and skin ageing, there are well established medical treatment modalities available to treat dull and aging skin mentioned below. If have any concerns about the effectiveness of a particular product, or cosmetic procedure, visit our cosmetic dermatologist to get the best recommendations for your skin type. On your visit, our doctor will discuss the different types of cosmetic procedures as well as will prescribe skin care products that can be used to treat dull skin and aging skin.

Below are few articles written by our expert team of cosmetic dermatology doctors, related to dull and aging skin, cosmetic procedures and treatments useful in dull and ageing skin :

Dull Skin - Ageing Skin - Wrinkles treatment in Udaipur


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