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Carbon Laser Facial Peel in Udaipur

Carbon Facial

Carbon facial is also known as 'Carbon laser facial' or 'Carbon laser peel' or 'Carbon peel' or 'Laser skin toning' or `Hollywood Laser Peel`. In this latest technology for skin rejuvenation we use laser and carbon paint to exfoliate the superficial skin. It is very famous skin rejuvenation procedure in Asia and called as 'China doll facial' sometimes.

Carbon laser facial stimulates and promotes the collagen synthesis in skin. Carbon laser facial also improves the visibility of pores and it decreases the pigmentation from skin and thus gives flawless complexion to skin. Carbon laser skin rejuvenation facial is used for both men and women where it helps in improving pigmentation, age spots, acne, large pores and wrinkles. It help to give even skin tone with brightening the skin and improving the complexion.


Do I need to take a break after Carbon Laser Facial?

Actually Nope! The carbon laser facial is non invasive treatment modality and there is actually no downtime. You can return to your work and normal daily activities, immediately after carbon laser facial.


How Carbon Laser Facial is done?

After cleansing your face, we apply a very thin layer of carbon cream or solution. Few of these carbon particles even goes inside the pores and when laser beam is applied, the beam is absorbed by these black carbon particles. Due to laser beam energy, these particles get heated and they get shattered from skin, taking out the dirt as well as dead epidermal cells from the skin.


The laser also help improve enlarged pores and pigmentation thus smoothening out the skin texture. By increases collagen formation it helps in improving the fine lines and wrinkles as well. This treatment is effective against blackheads, pimples, large pores, excessive oil production and discolored skin. Carbon Peel also results in skin tightening due to higher collagen production.

After Care of Carbon Peel Facial

  • Avoid sun light for at least 10 days after carbon laser facial.

  • Apply 30+ SPF sunscreen on face after carbon peel facial for at least 10 days.

  • Do not get any other laser or facial treatments from salon or beauty parlour for next 15 days.

  • Apply deep moisturising cream twice in a day for next 10 days after procedure.

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