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Botox Treatment for Square Face

The problem behind square face is enlarged muscle of mastication that is - Masseter muscle. This condition where the masseter muscle becomes enlarged is termed as Masseter Hypertrophy. Masseter hypertrophy can be caused by many things including, but not limited to, tooth grinding, bruxism, and clenching of the jaw.

A square face is generally characterized by a strong jaw line and straight cheekbones. Especially for women, this can be sometimes be seen as too masculine or severe. In cases like these, Botox can help to soften the square features of the face, creating a more oval appearance. Results typically last for around four to six months.

Before & After - Botox Treatment for Square Face in Udaipur

How Botox treatment is done for Square Face?

As you can see in video below, we first apply a numbing cream on affected area for 20 minutes. After that we remove the cream and mark area with a skin marker. Than we inject Botox on both the sides - each side require about 20 - 30 units of Botox. So total 40 - 60 Units of Botox is required to treat square face. As visible in video this treatment is almost painless and there is no downtime after the treatment. 


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