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Hair Treatment


Baldness is very common in middle aged men. Usually it starts with receding frontal hair line or a bald patch at crown area. With time it progresses to such extent that complete baldness is evident. To book your appointment either call us on +91 9166046591 or Submit Enquiry below :

Why male get bald commonly?

Male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia is responsible for baldness in men. In this type of hair loss, a genetic programing results in miniaturization of hair follicles (hair roots become become smaller). A hormone (DHT) is also involved in this process of hair loss and baldness. There is no permanent cure for this condition and thus eventually baldness appears.


Grades of Male Pattern Baldness

Depending on the area involved male pattern baldness is divided in 7 different grades. Treatment depends on grade of baldness and your preference / passion for looks and hairline. For Grade 1 - 2 of baldness, transplant is usually not suggested. 

Male Pattern Baldness Grades and Hair Transplant
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