Pimples are also known as acne and zits. It is most commonly found in young age groups specially in 20s & 30s. Pimples are caused due to blockage of hair follicular openings. There are few glands associated with follicles and they are called as sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands secrete a liquid known as sebum. Sebum is a oily secretion which gives oiliness to avoid skin and hairs. The people with oily skin gets more pimples than those with dry skin.

How do we treat acne?
There are multiple modalities available to treat pimples. There are creams, gels available to apply on skin or pimple. Also we have medicines for pimples that are taken orally like antibiotics, isotretinoin etc.
Apart from medication we treat acne with different therapies and lasers for example chemical peels, carbon facial, medical facial etc.

Dos & Donts for Pimples

Tips for Facewash - Don't wash your face too much. Use warm water to rinse your face but not too much hot water. Wash your face gently with mild cleanser or anti acne face wash.
Tips for Moisturizer - Use non comedogenic, non oily, non greasy, mild moisturizer and sunscreen for your face.
Tips for makeup products - Use non oily, non comedogenic makeup products. Try to avoid makeup or use minimal products for your makeup. Don't forget to remove your makeup with the gentle cleanser every night before your sleep.
Tips for hair care products - Don't use too much oil or oily products for your hair care as oily hairs can come in contact with your face skin and can lead to pimples. Also hair oil can to cut down on your facial skin and again increase the pimples.
Tips for shaving - Avoid nicking your pimples while shaving the electric razor works better than normal razor. Tips to prevent acne scars - Avoid popping or picking your pimples. More You pop or pick your acne, more are the chances that your pimples take longer time to heal and high chances of acne scars will be there.


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