PRP Therapy for Hair Fall

PRP Therapy for Hair FallWe are very happy to help clients with the latest techniques in hair fall prevention treatment. Losing about 50 to 100 strands a day is perfectly natural, but it goes out of balance in excess, leading to pattern baldness or alopecia. Patients should not delay because this is preventable and reversible best in the early phases. Delays cause the follicle to die, unfortunately resulting in irreversible baldness.

Hair needs care! Get in touch fast. We deliver guaranteed personalized care for each patient only by following a close look on your personal conditions. Evaluated conditions include scalp visibility, skin sensitivity (to allergic reactions), hair evaluation, diet, lifestyle, age, and previous medical history on hair loss.

Among our latest services, we offer the amazing PRP therapy. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is typically autologous solution (made of your own blood) consisting high platelet concentration and concentrated growth factors. This blood component (platelets) is very important for healing and strengthening of cells. The derived concentrate is made further potent by adding carefully calculated growth factors and vitamins for cell health. It is injected or sprayed over the affected area under comfortable local anesthetic when necessary. The periodic process would require you to revisit in intervals specified by your consultant.
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