Microdermabrasion is a fascinating skin rejuvenation procedure. It is highly popular because there are no side effects to mention, the process is painless, and it does not even take much time! Typically, a thirty minutes session is sufficient to remove the wearied upper layer of your skin, revealing the fresher lower layer.

There is nothing to worry about peeling the upper layer either because it is always happening naturally. In microdermabrasion, this natural shedding of top layer is condensed and provided in a perfect cosmetic package. The benefits include removal of acne scars, lightening of dark eye stains, reduction of fine lines, and removal of black heads.

The cosmetic specialist would follow up the process with applying sunscreen according to your skin type. The procedure is applicable for any skin type. It is done by a special apparatus that is run on your face by an experienced professional.

There are two types of treatment, crystal and diamond microdermabrasion. In the first method, the machine releases a constant stream of micro-crystals on your skin and simultaneously absorbs them as they absorb the tired upper skin cells of your face. The painless process may only involve gentle itching, but that’s totally bearable in exchange of magical rejuvenation.

In diamond method of microdermabrassion, a specialized tip is used to remove dead skin and skin debris, thus rejuvenating the skin with fresh looks.

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