Medical Face Lifting

Medical Face Lifting

Medical face lifting is an extensive anti aging surgical process. With age, the muscle fibers holding skin to the bones and inner muscles weaken due to decreased collagen formation. The effect of gravity begins to show and you have the sagging skin that you so dislike! It is typically an issue with patients who are above forty, although many women do retain their natural skin firmness in an advanced age. You can also feel like the other women, with a little professional help from us.

A qualified cosmetic specialist doctor would evaluate your skin condition during consultation. You should be open about your medical history and lifestyle. Please let us know in advance if you take any kind of blood-thinning medication as this can increase the risk of blood clotting post-surgery. In addition, you need to curtail lifestyle habits such as smoking totally for some time before your blood is ready for surgery.

In medical face or neck lifting specialized threads are inserted in the facial or neck skin with the help of a special needle. No incision or suturing is involved and procedure is done after numbing the procedure area. You can go to home within an hour after the lift.

Apart from medical face lift, option of surgical lift is also available at Vibra Clinics. The procedure involves three steps. First, a fine incision is made along your hair line, sometimes extending behind your jaws to the neck line. Next, the cosmetic plastic surgeon would separate your skin from the muscles carefully, redirect some muscles for firmness, and remove some, wherever necessary. Finally, the suture is closed in an imperceptible manner.

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