Liposuction is a largely non-invasive body contouring process to remove excess fat. However, one needs to remember that a cosmetic process is most effective for small or medium deposits of fat. Obesity on the other hand is a serious medical condition for which you would need more professional treatment than liposuction, like gastric balloon insertion or bariatric surgery.

The process works by removing liquefied fat from certain areas of the body such as thighs, derrieres, and tummy (up to some extent until it’s not in excess). Minute incisions are made on the patient body through which small tubes called cannula access the fat deposits under skin.

The patient is put on comfortable local anesthesia. Typically, you would not need a general anesthesia, but a twilight numbing to decrease your awareness may be an option if you cannot control restlessness and apprehensions.

A qualified cosmetic specialist would run the liposuction machine to suck out fat deposits. Sometimes, an ultrasound apparatus is used to liquefy the fat. Laser guided liposuction involves melting the deposits using a carefully calculated beam of laser.

Besides excellent contouring, medical benefits of this process include treatment of fatty tumors, fat metabolism problems, and excessive sweating in armpits. It is also a cosmetic process to reduce enlarged male breasts.

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