Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic process augmenting lip volume. Many women feel their lips can do with a little filling for a more youthful look. We cater to this need, following strict aesthetics and safe cosmetic procedures. Your lips should be as beautiful as you want them to be, boosting your confidence and sex appeal.

A qualified cosmetic specialist would carefully inject an augmentation chemical in your lip. Typically, it is a dermal filler product such as hyaluronic acid variant. Since this filler is a naturally derived one, it exhibits good biocompatibility and the risks of an allergic reaction are minimal. Nevertheless, you should always specify your medical history in the consultation phase, especially if you are highly sensitive to allergic reactions.

Botox is a lip augmentation product, but it is not preferable for the lack of sensitivity. Beautiful lips do not feel so good if you cannot feel the most sensitive part of your face! Fat grafting is a preferred method as well. In this procedure, fat is extracted from excess regions of your body (thighs and derrieres). This extracted fat is injected into lips.

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