Hair Transplantation Graft Calculator

Hair Restoration also called Hair transplantation is a relatively recent technique where hair follicles are surgically removed from hair bearing areas and implanted into the bald areas of the scalp. Hair transplant is carried out for male and female pattern baldness and can also be used for hair loss resulting from surgery, trauma or burns. Most hair comes out of the scalp in groups of two or three hairs, 15% in groups of four or five hairs and some 15% comes out as a single strand. The surgeon transplants groups of these various follicle groupings of hair to mimic a natural looking hair pattern as it emerges from the scalp.
hair transplant
For optimum recommended grafts (35 per Sq Cm) approximate value of grafts needed are as bellow
Area No. Of Grafts No. of Hairs
1 394 503
2 789 1434
3 1250 3286
4 931 2472
5 1106 2855
6 931 2293
7 859 2184
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