Double Chin Reduction

Double Chin Reduction

Body fat has a way of creating look issues even when it’s not much. The slightest amount of extra fat can deposit beneath your chin, producing a minor bulging, unpopular as the double chin. Every time you look at the mirror, it does not escape your mental disturbance!

Although there may be non-medical ways to encounter this, yet that takes some time. Depending on exercises and skin tightening products may do the trick, but you need fast results! Instant gratification with us is a guarantee because we have the best methods to help you with your body issues. At Vibra, we adhere by very strict policies of cosmetic aesthetics, as we just want to restore the natural beauty that God gifted your youth.

Double chin reduction procedures include liposuction, injection (spot) lipolysis, laser therapy, and surgery. Your procedure of choice would be decided only after a comfortable mutual consultation. Liposuction is the most preferred option because only a slight amount of fat needs to be removed.

Our body contouring specialist would carefully operate beneath your chin, making sure that the final result is at par with the natural contour with your original chin. The effect is instantaneous and liposuction is largely a minimally invasive process.

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